Jan 11, 2014
Books and Movies are reflection of a society, a frozen piece of life and culture. Indireads aims to do just that, record the life and times of South Asian community. When I picked up the book Unsettled by Neelima Vinod , I had least expectations. For one, everyone has a story these days, humble or otherwise, and wishes to share it with the world. The mode of reading, the audience, the publishing industry everything has flourished in ways unimaginable. That said, even if the boom means a never ending to-read list , bring it on, I say! 

Unsettled by Neelima Vinod
My rating : 5 out of 5 stars

Unsettled, the story of a couple and their visit to a haunted house in hopes of saving their marriage is an excellent read. Just few pages into it and am convinced I have a good read at hand and with every page I feel that it is surpassing my expectations. As the story progresses, am just traveling with it, eager to find what the story is all about. Both the story of the couple and that of the yakshi are convincingly narrated. Considering that it is a novella, the Author gets across the characters emotions crisply. 
She wanted to trust, to forgive his transgressions, not because she was a doormat but because their love compensated for all foibles 
She was like the words he(a poet) chased elusive yet necessary 
The author's brilliance is reflected in her narration. Few samples that I really enjoyed,
Their love was sweet and young and cut unripened  
Death had only magnified his presence as though he were broken shards of glass everywhere
...Quicksand is not good bedding 
Libraries as large as the folds of our brain 
Overall, its a very satiating read. Just one trivial point, I would have preferred a better title! Am looking forward to reading more from Indireads. By the way, I have strict standards for a book to enter my favorites list. Not that am a voracious reader, a literature freak or anything, its just that there is some unexplainable joy and excitement that only certain books evoke in me. And there goes Unsettled, into my favorites list :-)
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