The Thirsty Crow Book Review and a Craft

Apr 20, 2016

Book Title: The Thirsty Crow and other stories
Publisher: Dreamland publications

A jumbo sized book collection of four Aesop's fables with eye-catching illustrations.
Does the thirsty crow story ever go out of style? This book by Dreamland publications has eye-catching illustrations even for the very young. Its a collection of 4 Aesop fables, The thirsty crow, The groaning mountain, The lion and the mouse, The donkey and the lapdog. Though amn't so happy with the text, the jumbo size and illustrations and quality of the book makes it a must-buy. Especially if you are looking for babies and toddlers.

We also did a quick craft. I just cut out the crow's head, body, wings, legs, pot, stones and handed it over to the LO. She colored it and stuck them onto a piece of cardboard. 


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