When Ali became Bajrangbali Book Review and a Craft

Apr 22, 2016 2 comments

Author: Devashish Makhija
Illustration: Priya Kuriyan
Publisher: Tulika Books

The residents of Bargad chawl are in danger of losing their homes – their nooks and crannies, shelters and perches. Ali, the monkey, has to find a way out. He swings, jumps and leaps into action, and comes up with a monkey trick that gives a new twist to the phrase, ‘playing god’ in this hilarious and heartwarming story!
Though this book is aged at 5+, my daughter who is almost 3 enjoyed the story as well. We have always loved the illustrations by Priya Kurian and we loved this book too :) Its a very clever story about how the Monkey solves the problem of his co-habitants of the Tree he resides in, when the Tree is in danger of being cut down.

The Thirsty Crow Book Review and a Craft

Apr 20, 2016 2 comments

Book Title: The Thirsty Crow and other stories
Publisher: Dreamland publications

A jumbo sized book collection of four Aesop's fables with eye-catching illustrations.
Does the thirsty crow story ever go out of style? This book by Dreamland publications has eye-catching illustrations even for the very young. Its a collection of 4 Aesop fables, The thirsty crow, The groaning mountain, The lion and the mouse, The donkey and the lapdog. Though amn't so happy with the text, the jumbo size and illustrations and quality of the book makes it a must-buy. Especially if you are looking for babies and toddlers.

Ranganna review and a Craft!

Apr 15, 2016 3 comments

Book Title: Ranganna
Author: Arthi Anand Navaneeth
Illustrator: Kavita Singh Kale
Publisher: Tulika Books
Ranganna the little elephant lives near a dhobi ghat. He is captivated by the brightly coloured nails of his friends and wants to paint his toes too! But whoever heard of an elephant wearing nail polish?! The illustrations, which are a riot of colour and energy, make Ranganna one irresistible picture book. 
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