Against All Odds

Jan 25, 2014
Against All Odds by Jazz Singh
My Rating 3 out 5 star

Against all odds, a simple love story with its lifelike characters and vivid narration is a compelling read. As the author unrolls the canvas, the characters spring into life as though they have been living next door all this time. Every character has an accurate portrayal irrespective of how big or small their role is.
What didn't work for me though are the portions depicting the intimacy between Sanjana and Abhimanyu. Its my personal opinion that premarital sex shouldn't been advocated in a book. It is still a taboo in our culture. There are exceptions in the society. Exceptions cannot define rules. Exceptions might soon become the norm. But let us not make it sooner. Books, these days are  increasingly having such obscene stuff. Let us spare another Sanjana in a small town to imagine it as a 'cool' thing taken lightly by the city-bred. Overall, a quick and relaxed read.
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