Ganges Boy

Dec 16, 2014

Nice things first - The story telling is neat. Archana is really good at convincing the reader with exactly the right amount of details. Like, I never had any bothering questions in my mind about Kabir's parents or about the reason behind Sanskruti's death(which is revealed later) or about Kabir parting with Arundhati.Certain portions like when Kabir is orphaned melts my heart. This book is not a page turner but I feel the urge to get back to the book especially after the grandfather enters the scene.

There is really nothing negative to say about the book but few things could have been better. Like the story, which is too simple. No surprises, no twists. The indian-movies-watcher in me wonders if this is a familiar story. Still, I thank the Author for not making it sound too dramatic. But with a simple story, the expectation on other aspects go up (like characterisation, pace, aesthetics). As another reviewer in goodreads rightly points out, the reader doesn't get the privilege to walk alongside Kabir, rather we watch mutely from a distance.
And yeah, I liked the cover though there is no apparent relevance with the story!
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