Dollar Bahu

Feb 24, 2013
A quick and light read. The book synopsis gives you the story outline and the story flows as expected with no surprises, twists or impressive characterization. The message comes across but it would have been more interesting had there been some depth. With such an ordinary story at hand, the author could have afforded to break the stereotyped characters. I mean why should women, mother in laws in particular, should always be the ones proud about their children being abroad? Why not men, the father in law? How about both of them? Why is the girl brought up against odds(Vinuta) always the 'good' one and the one who is pampered with wealth(Jamuna) or otherwise(Gauramma's daughter) are always 'spoilt'. In short, why are the characters black and white?

And the characters that Gauramma meets in US, everyone has a story that is told in few lines either by themselves or by Chandru. The characters come into the story very quickly one behind the other and leave as quickly as they entered. At the least, am happy that the book did not have a 'they lived happily ever after' end with Vinuta readily accepting her Mother in law. Overall, it makes a good casual read and nothing beyond.
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  1. That was a good candid review .. I liked your question - ' Why are the characters black or white?' Very valid .. We are all shades of grey after all!
    Am an avid reader too :) Nice to meet a fellow book lover. Nice blog you have here .. Keep writing!

    1. Glad u liked it aarthy :-) off the net fr few days, wl hv a peek into ur blog once am back!


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