Where is the cake?

Jan 11, 2015

Where is the Cake?


I have never reviewed a baby book on this blog. But this book takes the cake.:) Where is the Cake? is a picture book with NO words and that's exactly what makes it interesting. This book follows the stolen cake of Mr.&Mrs.Dog and their chase behind the mouse thieves to get back their cake. As the chase continues, there are many other characters each with their own little story throughout the book. Like the baby bunny, mischievous monkeys and more.

While it is important to read books with rhyming words to your babies(for their language skills)  picture books with no words cannot be overlooked too(for vocabulary). They give you a blank canvas and you develop the story in your own words with possibilities for introducing new words every time you read the book. And this book only makes the possibilities endless with all those little stories. I would say that this book can be enjoyed from as young as 1 year till 3-4 years old.
Below is a snapshot of a random page from the book,

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