Pongal Craft for the very young

Jan 13, 2016

Here is a quick Pongal-themed craft. My 2.5 year old daughter was very enthusiastic about it and especially liked the part involving sand. I gave her the printed pot and rhinestones and she automatically stuck them inside the circles and triangles without any directions from me. I was surprised to see that she had conceived the idea of decorating these patterns. You can download the Pongal Pot template here.

If you do not celebrate Pongal, the 4 day harvest festival in your part of the world, you can read here to get an essence of it (includes an excerpt from a book I enjoyed reading).

And I have explained below how we did it. But you can do the same with whatever supplies you have at home. After all, crafting is all about imagination and creativity :)
We decorated the pot with Rhinestones. I would have preferred to do it after the sand part but I had little control over the free will of a 2.5 year old :) We then applied glue on the pot and sprinkled sand all over. We glued cotton to depict the pot overflowing.  Finally we dabbed a mix of green and gold paint with cotton all around the pot. 

Age range: Under 5

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