Mar 4, 2015

Book Title: Breach
Author: Amrita Chowdury
Genres: Fiction
Rating: 3
How secure are your secrets?

Weeks before Acel is ready to file the global patent application for Colare, a wonder drug for pancreatic cancer, the research data stored at its offshore data center in Mumbai goes haywire and Dr. Udai Vir Dhingra, the charismatic, Ivy-educated young leader of its Indian business, gets blamed.

The trail leads to Raghu Damodaran, a precocious teen exploring the very edges of what can be done in cyber space, and then gets lost.

Battling market pressures, media leaks, livid American bosses and crumbling relationships, Vir must find the real perpetrators or see his career - and his life - spiral downwards. Swept into a shadowy world of masked online identities and muddied digital footprints, Vir discovers that nothing is easy or obvious, and everything has a price.
Set in Mumbai, Washington DC and Suzhou, in an online-meets-offline adventure of cyber threats and IP espionage, drug research and medical ethics, strained affairs and lost love, disillusionment and hopelessness, Breach is a clever, fast-paced thriller full of surprises.


I did read that blurb before starting to read the book but I imagined it would just have a hint of technical stuff. Now, having read the book , am surprised at how much research and understanding should have gone behind it. Its a well-researched and well-executed cyber thriller with a refreshing plot. With a long-forgotten software engineer background, I kept wondering how much of this will a 'layman' reader understand but from the other reviews on goodreads, I believe the Author has passed with flying colours on that aspect. 

The story starts with unrelated threads that merge together later. It made me struggle a bit in the beginning but soon I caught up with the style. Few reviewers(on goodreads) are describing it as Ravi Subramanian's style but since am yet to read Ravi's books I would say its filmy style! 
My complaints - it dragged a bit longer than necessary and the end never seemed to come even after I guessed who was behind it. I also felt there were few characters and situations left without proper closure. At the end, I felt the exact words described by the Author herself in the Acknowledgements, 'Phew, It's done!'.
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  1. Hi Gayathri, I like your review of Breach. I also enjoyed reading the book. But it took me to cross more than 50 pages (with great determination) before I began to understand anything at all. :)

  2. Thanks for your comments Sundari Ma'am. Few books seem to have a threshold point posing a challenge to cross them, but once done, the book takes u along till the end.


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